Adapting to the unordinary…


Lots of questions out there at the moment about what online learning looks like in different parts of the world. It seems as though the last few weeks have been all consuming, planning for the inevitable but living in a state of limbo of whether or not we would shut our doors here in Thailand. We hung on to the very last moment, trying to keep routine, trying to keep the ordinary. This past Friday March 20, 2020 was our 4th day of online learning. We are still very early on in our journey and even though it felt as though we weren’t prepared at all, it is clear we are still in a far better position than others!

Routines and schedules have been made.

Expectations for teachers and students have been set.

Times of day for online meetingsĀ  were ready to go.

Professional development for various needed platforms and devices were already given in advance.

Online Learning Policy and Guide were in place.

Two weeks worth of Online Learning prepared. (More on this later but we may have spent several meetings preparing this document and at the very last minute changed it almost completely! – I take full responsibility with how stressful this was for my teammates)

We were so prepared we even had a trial online learning day in place! However, things move quickly here in Thailand and I have learned to always expect the unexpected.

Either way, I know things will inevitably change. As we get deeper into closures and shut downs, each day brings something new. I’m deeply grateful to be part of such a caring and supportive community.

Since I know how daunting all of this can be I thought I could share some of the videos I’ve been creating for my students. One of our expectations is to share a morning message video each day. We have flexibility in what it can look like. As a way to celebrate getting through the first week, I thought it would be good fun to create a joint one with all the Year 1 (Kinder) teachers.

The second video is an example of our Video Engagement of the Day. This particular task is connected to our current Unit of Inquiry.

Let me know how it’s going for you!



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