Professional Development


Google Certified Educator: Level 1, October 2016

Making Learning Visible: Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centered Classroom, Harvard Graduate School of Education, September 2016 – present

Kath Murdoch – Getting personal with inquiry learning, Singapore, September 2016

International Baccalaureate: Category 3: Inquiry in the PYP, Vancouver B.C., July 2016


Making Learning Visible: The Power of Group Learning and Documentation in Classrooms and Communities, Harvard Graduate School of Education, February – May 2015

Regie Routman Residency: Singapore, August 2014 – June 2015


Anne Davis Assessment, Anne Davis, Singapore, October 2014


International Baccalaureate: Category 1: Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Singapore, October 2013