Words from Parents

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“I was surprised to see Leehann downloading the App Book-creator on our iPad, and we spent so much time and had real fun creating number of books with different topics.  He was already skilled at making videos and typing his thoughts into it. The whole family enjoyed very much over the weekend.  Wesley and I just love the way you work with students.  I think Leehann learned a lot in the class for just over 2 months time.”

“The latest activity you are doing – sending letters to Canada is such a brilliant idea.
I think this activity has every learning concept in it such as technology, social collaboration, worldwide communication, hands-on discovery, mathematics, geography, and now even time traveling (hand written letters, learning about stamps from old days) and more. I am surprised to see that Leehann is becoming capable of constructing his own learning – he is driven by his interests to understand and know more and better. This probably apply to all of your students.  I think you (and of course, Ms. Rajes) are doing the wonderful job providing your students with opportunities to explore their interests further as well as keeping the good balance of every pinch of the learning concepts with various teaching approaches.
 So…. how can I not love the way you teach and work with your students? :)”
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