Parent Involvement – Community Building!


This year has been the absolute best.  I have never quite had such an involved and supportive parent community as the 2014/2015 school year.  Parents can really add so much to our learning and it is incredibly important to build those relationships with them.  When there is an open line of communication and parents are made aware of the inquiry that is happening in your classroom they are able to add an entirely different dimension.

A parent from my class donated two small trees for our school’s outdoor garden.  It was just in time for our “tuning in” section of our Sharing the Planet UOI.  Instead of trying to describe the amazing time we had helping to plant the trees and getting our hands dirty, I’ll let the photos speak for itself.  However, if you do want to learn more about what happened, click here to read my students firsthand recount on our class learning blog!

IMG_8802 IMG_8800 IMG_8799 IMG_8798

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