Sharing the Planet (VIDEO) – Making Learning Visible

I never realised just how significant it was to “make learning visible” until I saw it created with purpose within my own classroom.  As an educator, I’m always appreciative of learning something new.  In fact, it’s a celebration.  I always try my best to ensure that my students know we are always learning.  Learning doesn’t ever stop just because we grow up, or because we finish school, or because we get jobs.  Learning is forever.  Thank goodness for that.

I learned that when students are creators of their own learning, and they are able to see that their ideas are valued.  The connections they can make become endless.  Their ideas are always there for everyone to see because they are featured prominently within the learning environment.  Students are able to add their thoughts as they come up with it.  They ask questions that end up leading the inquiry.  They research and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts because in the end they’re the ones who are taking action.

Ultimately, the best part of all of this, was that the students did it together.  They taught one another what they needed to know, and they ended up going far beyond the lines of inquiry that were set out for them.  They made it their own.  I’m just thankful I got to be a part of it.

One thought on “Sharing the Planet (VIDEO) – Making Learning Visible

  1. Hey Katherine,

    I loved this whole experience. It is great to see the students creating their own learning journey. The wall at the back of the room is a great way to make learning visible.


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