Sharing The Planet – Honeycomb Provocation


Central Idea

The survival of living things is connected to the environment in which they live.

One of the greatest things about the school I work in, are the parents.   It is their commitment to their child’s education and their support that helps make our jobs so easy.

One week before our new UOI was to begin, a parent in my class took a trip overseas.  She ended up bringing back part of a honeycomb for our class to touch, examine, and even taste.  It turned out to be a very interesting provocation for our Sharing the Planet unit.  In essence, it was a perfect lead-in.  Students’ were engaged.  They were thoughtful.  They had wonderings.  Throughout the rest of the unit, we kept on making connections between “the honeycomb” and “everything else.”

Click on the link to see our “thinking made visible.”


IMG_8694 IMG_8698IMG_8698

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