HWOO – Clock Inquiry Grade 1

This UOI has always been tricky for me and after the workshops this summer I was more than ready to try a bit of a different approach.  The UOI: How We Organize Ourselves is the perfect unit to start the year off.  It began with handing over control (see my blog post on Flexible Seating) and allowing my class the chance to set up the classroom, authentically, purposefully, and meaningfully.  Although it was challenging for me to go without having a schedule on the board for the first few weeks it also became challenging for my students.  Eventually they pointed out that they too would like to know what goes on during the day and what is coming up next.  Their idea of putting up a schedule was grand and it came from them!  However, with all the excitement they soon realized they also wanted to know the times that things happened.  Unfortunately, one little boy pointed out times are great… “but we don’t know how to tell time!”  This led us into an inquiry of telling time.  Check out our timelapse of some of our sorting and finding out…

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