Grade 1: Inquiry into Time!

All teachers, all honest teachers are well aware when an engagement they’ve planned out flops. You always have the best intentions of course, but sometimes there are just too many variables. Sometimes, you sincerely have no idea what happened. Other times, you know exactly what happened. One of the greatest things I think about being an educator is you almost always get a second chance. You can try it again!

On the other hand, all teachers know when everything pans out even better than expected. One of my greatest joys in teaching is when unplanned learning happens! It’s the ‘awesomeness’ of working with thoughtful human beings, it’s the wondrous experience of working with children. It’s the best part of inquiry! Nothing beats the feeling when your students truly own their learning. When they feel empowered to question, to find out more, to dig deeper and to explore. When these moments happen, and you’re lucky enough to document it in action, then I believe sharing is a must!

Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea: People organize themselves to achieve common goals.


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