Best Practice – Student Generated Class Libraries

In 2014-2015, my school endeavoured on a year long Regie Routman PD that helped bring literacy alive in our classrooms.  As we learned different things week to week, it became apparent (if it wasn’t already apparent to us) that teaching literacy and engaging students in reading and writing is created through good habits. In the … More Best Practice – Student Generated Class Libraries

Parent Involvement – Community Building!

This year has been the absolute best.  I have never quite had such an involved and supportive parent community as the 2014/2015 school year.  Parents can really add so much to our learning and it is incredibly important to build those relationships with them.  When there is an open line of communication and parents are made … More Parent Involvement – Community Building!

Making Learning Visible

If I could take one thing away from the Harvard Visible Thinking Course it is the importance of group work.  Not just students being thrown together haphazardly but effective and thoughtful groupings.  Group work that allows students to learn from one another, to openly share their ideas through a variety of different means and ultimately group … More Making Learning Visible

#30DayWritingChallenge – The challenge begins…

Regie Routman Residency 2014 – 2015 Transforming our teaching through: Reading to Understand Writing for Audience and Purpose Reading and Writing Connections Our school’s professional development focus this year is on literacy.  My students have been learning about habits and how to create a habit for writing.  We talked about how writing becomes easier the … More #30DayWritingChallenge – The challenge begins…

Creating Assessment Criteria With Students – Anne Davies PD

In my first year teaching, I had an amazing opportunity to team-teach with a colleague, who had done a significant amount of PD on Anne Davies.  As I worked with this teacher, back home in Calgary, AB, she became an incredible mentor who helped me successfully get through my first year of teaching.  Which explains why … More Creating Assessment Criteria With Students – Anne Davies PD